Rinse out the tanks of tank-type bromeliads from time to time to remove any accumulated salts left by the fertilizer. Keep daytime temperatures between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, 60 to 65 degrees overnight. I continued to water and take care of it, but now I am not sure I can save the plant. Wet the leaves, potting medium, and roots when you fertilize. I’m sorry, that sounds very frustrating! Bromeliad pups? Examples are: Tillandsia eizii, T. prodigiosa, and Puya raimondii. The rooting compound and fungicide is just an extra precautionary measure to keep it healthy and give it an initial boost. It’s part of the lifecycle of a bromeliad – the mother plant dies out and the pups (a term used for babies in the plant world) carry on. lol, yes, fill the pup cups with water. Kelly — check out the Resources section of our website. Many bromeliads die after flowering (in particular Aechmea and Vriesea). Pups of variegated plants are sometimes poorly or unevenly variegated or perhaps not variegated at all. They died when they were done flowering, and the bulbs did not grow again after I planted them outside. After your plant flowers, you'll have a year or two to keep it healthy and encourage it to produce new plants called pups. Once your plant develops a pup, let the pup grow to at least a third the size of the mother before attempting to separate it. What should I do? I water her only slightly and put water inside the pup. Yes. Mature bromeliads should not be repotted. If you've had success, by all means stick with that. For example, bromeliads tend to be short-lived plants which die back after only flowering once. Was there a bloom that is now dying back, or is your bromeliad plant simply becoming brown from the center out for no particular reason? Avoid temperature extremes, don’t overwater, don’t let anything made of copper touch them or the soil they live in (copper is toxic to bromeliads) and your bromeliad should live several years, and will give you several exact replicas of itself along the way. Can I plant my pup in regular potting soil mixed with spag. Thank you. I fear there is no hope. As the plant becomes stable with its roots system you can remove the supports and allow it to start receiving more light. Congratulations on your new little bromeliad pups! After the bloom died, the mother plant started to wither and turn brown. Will the benefits of rainwater be overshadowed by the possible negative effects of a galvanised rain water tank and should I just use tap water. Pruning helps the mother plant produce new pups which can be grown into new bromeliads. So if the pup comes apart from the mother without any roots, don't despair and don't toss it away. Yes, walmart, kmart, agway, etc all sell soil. This is the natural life cycle of the plant and nothing to be alarmed about if a bromeliad appears to be dying after it blooms. I am completely new with every aspect of how to transfer these. -Again, even though these plants -aren’t- completely healthy, do not water them much more than you would for healthy plants! The entire process from planting the young bromeliad to its death takes between three … Hey Planty Peeps! The Guzmania plant family is well known for its flamboyant colors, mesmerizing blooms, and exotic personality. Most sites say that they only bloom once ever 3 years..maybe i am just blessed..of course give your plants love..it goes a long way..and you will get blooms again..mine grow every year. they’ve been in their new pots for just under a year now. Shade for the rest of the day after the morning sun usually leads to a good bloom on a bromeliad. medianet_width = "1120"; I’m very new to growing plants and although I try my hardest to do everything I read online necessary for the plants to thrive, unless they typically can just be thrown in the dirt and survive if never cared for again, then most of my beautiful flowers end up dead. Thanks. i use soiless soils and 20.20.20 fertilizer once a week from may to september each year. It had one huge bloom when I bought it, but nothing since. This is my first 1,had about a year, got 2 pups in containers from mother already. Also, I always water w/a cheap time watering can. If the roots are still underdeveloped, the plant might not stay upright in the pot, moving freely around, resulting in damage. Obviously I should have replanted sometime back but the 3 together were so lush looking together; they looked like a beautiful live sculpture. You won’t. The most well known of these include: Alcantarea spp. THEIR LEAVES GET WILTED. Often it is normal for them to produce offsets before normally flowering. Why are they in an air-conditioned room? Just what I’ve read around the Web. I dont want to over water but how do I keep it moist? The more clustered together the better the display when in flower. Just avoid any that contain a lot of peat moss or other components that will hold too much water for too long a time. I see no one answered your question, just said “remove the mother”. btw: I have always liked to have my bromeliads close to indoor bird of paradise. I don’t remember what website I saw that on but it was under bromeliad care. Light, warmth, and humidity are three important factors in growing healthy bromeliads. Is this correct? Something light that Can hold a little moisture but not pack down like dirt. Keep watering the cup and fertilise once new growth or warm weather starts, it will come good. At this point, the healthy bromeliad will produce offshoot plants from the base called pups. As the bloom died, the mother plant began to produce a new pup from its base (right photo). I don’t get it? My yellow lilies re-bloom every year! (I apoligize for the caps; i don’t know how to make lower-case letters here.) -don’t overwater (you should water once a week, or maybe -barely- more often for these specific ones). Most bromeliad varieties bloom just once in their lives, after which the mother plant will spend a year or two producing pups. How far down do u cut it? Sorry for the vague response. That being said, do not use metal (like a coathanger) to stake your plants. Caring For Bromeliads: What You Need To Know To Grow Them Indoors. I have checked and there are no pups. I have watered/sprayed them throughout the winter, and they look fine, but I have noticed that they haven’t taken hold of the soil If I bump them even lightly, they’ll fall over completely. medianet_height = "250"; I have a bromeliad that produced one pup. It as produced 5 pulse so far. As sad as it may seem, most bromeliads are one time bloomers. Please help. He brought back the bloom of my brom. Not likely. I had my front yard landcaped and the garden center I went to planted a lot of bromeliads, a few had already die from root rot and I had them replaced again as the owner said they gave two month replacement warranty on plants. Ever. You may get pups. In general, bromeliads are not heavy feeders. Sounds like you have a great new collection of bromeliads. I started by removing these pups carefully with a sharp knife. I want to show you how to remove and pot up bromeliad pups so your plants can live on. Can you water the soil occasionally? It’s a process that can be repeated over and over and takes approximately 2-3 years. The above comments are spot on. From a nursery or a store? Several people here have asked about removing the dead flower from the mother, but I have not seen any reply as to how to do that. This will be my first year harvesting pups. Protect bromeliads from … Whatever your substrate, it needs to be fast-draining and allow for sufficient air circulation around the roots. These plants will normally flower in 1 to 3 years. Oh, and as a side note, never use metal watering cans to water any bromeliads. Please be sure on the potting soil not to use regular Soil or just bark because not all bromelLiads thrive that way. This happened to my Bromeliad and I , too, am wondering the very same thing. So while the mother plant is preparing for the inevitable, it is leaving you with even more plants to care for in the future. Taken: 7/9/2017 - A how to video on removing bromeliad (Bromeliaceae sp.) And have brought many more since, they all seen to be doing well. However, removing the pups when they are smaller will allow the original bromeliad to focus the entirety if its energy on throwing even more pups. If you are in cold climate, avoid cold snaps and frost, provide warmth, maybe a humidity tray and water accordingly, if you are in the heat keep out of direct sun and water lots. In the flowing leaves there are two new pups growing. Bromeliads are not especially difficult to propagate and can put on quite a display. How do I remove these without damaging the mother?? Or even simpler, use two-thirds compost to one-third coarse sand. Is there any way to encourage a Bromeliad to have pups? This combination will put enough stress on the plant to produce color and a bloom quickly. Once the pups have been removed, simply replace the soil around the mother plant and it should continue to provide you with additional offsets. Months later it started growing a bloom. Maybe your brom is getting too much sun or too much fertilizer. I cut off two pups without a root system and they are pretty big. I just bought a Bromeliad recently and after reading this article, it sounds like my plant has 2 pups that are ready to be harvested or are close to ready. Instead, use wood sticks or stakes to hold the plant up until it produces a root system that is able to withstand its own weight. Spring? Once a plant has flowered it will not produce any further flowers in its lifetime. Perhaps a large terrarium would suit them if they are inside in air-con. I say this, because that might actually be the -cause- of your plants rotting. So, take note of the little growths that will appear around the base of the plant. The mother plant will then die to allow the pups to take over. where did you hear this? When the flower started to fade, I removed the pups – 7 in all. I have A 12 YEAR OLD BROMELIAD That HAS FLOWERED TWICE. my bromeliad is in full bloom, the center of bloom is a buttercup yellow, the rest of bloom is rich red. Should I move them to the corridor? The entire process from planting the young bromeliad to its death takes between three … It is possible to for the mother plant to have multiple offsets growing at the same time. It will produce ‘pups’ (small bromeliads) which can be separated from the mother plant when they are large enough . Care for the pups as you would a larger bromeliad. This plant was from my granddaughter & her little girl who are no longer with us – so it is very special to me. I don’t know how to “harvest” these pups. And don't try to simply grab the pup and pull it away from the mother without cutting. Fertilize during the growing season every other week to once a month. I was told it’s supposed to remain rather dry and to just put water in the “stem” part. Clay pots are good for planting where growing conditions are humid since they are porous and dry quickly; plastic pots work well where the air is drier. However…all (or probably most) of what I’ve read has been pretty much the same, so that means I’m finding the sites with -accurate- information. About 5months ago I saw another popping up. Place a ripe apple in the pot and tightly wrap a plastic bag around the base of it. It is like my own children are sick. Sometimes there will be an outer leaf shielding the base of the pup. I knew absolutely nothing about non-canine pups when I bought one along with tiny terrarium plants. Transplanting bromeliad pups and the benefits of Epsom salt. Once those new blooms are spent I’ll probably transplant the whole thing to a slightly larger pot and freshen the soil. Then, stake it up in a well draining potting medium or next to a healthy bromeliad. Bromeliads can be propagated in two ways: by seed (sexual reproduction) or vegetatively (asexual reproduction) which occurs when a bromeliad plant produces pups that can be separated to form individual new plants. Propagating a Bromeliad Pup . 1 water te probably every week 1 and they get sun every morning for about 4 hours am I takeing care of them wrong? Maybe that one will have a beautiful bloom in time. '&https=1' : ''); But before you toss your bromeliad in the trash, refusing to grow more attached to a plant that is destined to die off regardless of the amount of care you provide it, there are some things you should know. For example, bromeliads tend to be short-lived plants which die back after only flowering once. Water, let drain well, and place it in an area of bright light out of direct sun. This will ensure the rest of the bromeliad remains healthy. It's very likely you'll succeed. Help. Or is it because they don’t like the normal potting soil? As the bloom died, the mother plant began to produce a new pup from its base (right photo). My mother plant was purchased while blooming and has since generated two small pups. The tips of the leaves of my mother bromeliad are turning brown and there is a pup at the base of the mother. Thankfully, these plants produce exact clones of the mother plant (otherwise known as pups) which will produce new blooms upon maturity. Remove them, don’t remove them, it is up to you. Another good indicator that the offsets can survive on their own is the presence of roots. Give the bromeliad more lighting, if possible, and move it to the brightest spot in a warm room. If a plant produces more than one pup and the mother is in good condition, separating the pups can be done at various intervals as each one reaches roughly a third to a half the size of the mother. The metal is actually TOXIC to your plants. Great info. They will come good, keep watering and fertilise once new growth is seen or it starts to warm up. Is there anything i should be doing to help them grow? And that a fungicide might -possibly- help. They’ve been living in the tub in my master bathroom. If I leave the pup there could it eventually take on the whole pot. Be patient and keep giving your dead looking moma a little water now and then. Pups are separated from the original plant any time after they have grown to … Yes, paperwhites Definitely rebloom..i know this because I was given some bulbs that my mother no longer wanted from her garden..they bloomed there and I put them in my fridge to “force” them to rebloom..fir approximately 4 weeks..then put 5hem in a glass vase with water..and bloom it was! the less I fiddle with them, the healthier they are. It is recommended that you use a fertilizer with Nitrogen 3.0, Phosphorous 8.0, and Potassium 25.0. Please give instructions. Bromeliads bloom only once in their lifetime so it is impossible for them to re-bloom. Webmaster - Sydney: As with most Bromeliads, Lorraine, the mother plant will start to die now that it has produced a flower - however the flower spike will last for many months, sometimes up to the best part of a year. It’s generally recommended to cut the pup from its parent plant when it reaches one-third or two-thirds of the mother plant’s size. Credits: photo of yellow bromeliads courtesy of valleylynn,photos of Orthophytum, Tillandsia and Neoregelia courtesy of Wikimedia Commons with some rights reserved. i believe they will produce pups unless they arent healthy… ive bought my bromeliads at several places including home depo, ingles (local grocery chain) and harveys (another grocery store) and only one hasnt produced pups yet. It's ideal if it does, but not critical. Bromeliad Plant Types and Varieties of Bromeliad Can i pit the plants in water and wait for roots and regrow them in soil?? Pups may form at its end, or in both locations. Pups should not be removed until visible root structures can be seen at their base or they are at least 1/3 to 1/2 the size of the mother plant. As soon as it is clear that a pup does not have the desired variegation, it should be removed so that the reserves of the mother plant will go to the remaining pups. Plant the bromeliad pup in a 3-inch pot of loose, well-draining medium such as an orchid mix. The mother plant, especially if helped along with a small amount of dilute fertilizer, will continue to produce pups until it dies. Propagating Bromeliads: How to Remove & Pot Up Bromeliad Pups. In nature, that is often high in a tree. This is evident by their nature to grow in the hot climates around the equator and in other high moisture and hot temperatures regions. Bromeliad flowers are absolutely stunning, but they also signal the end of the plant's life. medianet_crid = "572908758"; They'll look like tiny versions of the mother plant emerging from between the mother plant's bigger leaves. (I realize now I need something more like for orchids). I removed my pups from the mother plant as per the standard instructions, when they were about 1/3 size of the mother plant. Whe I received it as a gift there seemed to be one main plant in bloom and a half dozen tiny pups, The bloom eventually died, I kept watering the whole thing, the pups grew larger, about 20 months later 3 more blooms have come up simultaneously. medianet_versionId = "111299"; Simply place the bromeliad in a plastic bag with a … Will it more than likely produce more pups ? An informative site on the bromeliad (Bromeliaceae) family including classification, care requirements, propagation, blooming, diseases and insects, photographs, and product reviews. In other words, separating and repotting pups doesn't all have to be done at once. Any help is appreciated, thanks. If the pup appears healthy it should be safe to transplant on its own. Amazing plants they are~. I put them in normal potting soil this past fall, and brought them inside. Can someone please tell me if there is a site that shows exactly what the name of each bromeliad is and the growing guide for dummies with not so green thumbs? Will orchid soil be suitable, and when should I re-pot the plant. So, I harvested my pups last fall, replanted and they have grown quite nicely this summer, but do not seem interested in blooming. } 1 pup rooted but 6 months later still no roots on other 2 pups. She may have no knowledge at all about bromeliads. Is this normal? The Sunshine Coast Bromeliad Society warns that too much nitrogen will allow the plant to keep producing pups however it will slow down blooming. Leave it for 7 – 10 days. Provide the plant with some good light in the morning especially during the summer months. The pup may separate with roots already attached or not. The “ripe apple in a plastic bag” method only works on bromeliads that have never bloomed. If you plant your Gazpacho Bromeliad outdoors, you can transplant it into the ground, or dig a hole and plant the entire pot and plant directly into the ground - just be sure it has excellent drainage. JUST LOOKING for answers to all the above questions, I need this answered too cat. Summer? the pups have not bloomed as yet and one of them is 6 years old. I like the idea of a large display and would like to re-pot from the existing 8cm diameter to a larger one. It sounds like you should be safe harvesting the pup. Either way will work. Do it, do it. When they are 1/3 or 1/2 the size of the mother plant they are ready for removal. Wonderful, Debbie! The choice on when to harvest is yours depending on your intentions. of the) soil just -begins- to dry out before watering again. The young pups will take over the next generation. and now it is flowering for the second time since march! A 4-6 inch diameter is adequate. its an aechmea if that helps… im just confused and hoping it will give me little ones soon. since then the plant looks completely healthy but has not produced pups. There are two main schools of thought about planting pups that have no roots. Most bromeliads bloom once, and on the average it takes a plant about 18 months to flower. Both thriving now with pups. All Rights Reserved. Make sure the pot is … I have read how they prefer rainwater, and have been watering with it, but, I have also read on a couple of internet sites where bromeliads do not like metal. -put in soil. If you plant your Hannibal Lecter Bromeliad outdoors, you can transplant it into the ground, or dig a hole and plant the entire pot and plant directly into the ground - just be sure it has excellent drainage. Mine bloom every year. The bromeliad should recover and develop roots. That is the only way to water bromeliads. I’d rather now remove all of the pups. or will it come in a spurt when they are more mature? If you’re in a climate where it will dry out quickly, just wait for watering it again until you see it’s sufficiently dried out and will not be left soggy again. b4 having to cut them off. Should I go ahead and harvest, and hold out hope for the “mother” plant to bloom, or does the fact that she is already throwing off pups mean there will be no flowering? should I store these for another winter, or just toss them out? The orange bromeliad in the pictures below is a member of the Guzmania genus of bromeliads. -ivy, I believe the problem everyone is having is watering. Then repot into fresh compost every 2-3 years. Instead, just use (non-metal) stakes to hold the plants upright, until they can hold themselves. What happens if I just leave the pups on the mother plant and do not remove them, perhaps just put them all in a larger pot to allow room to grow? I also like to have a second small, very sharp knife handy in case there is need for any additional delicate cutting or trimming. If you find it difficult to remove the bromeliad pups, then cut them off with a sharp knife. No, the plants are struggling as it is, why over complicate it with added bs. Gently pull the pups, so as to separate them from the mother plant. and if so, should I dispose of it right after I remove the first pup or once it is completely dead? You should remove the pup when it is about a third as big as the mother an plant in its own pot. The mother plant will then die to allow the pups to take over. Propagating a Bromeliad Pup . These pups can be planted, even if they have not developed roots. If there is no roots support the pup with stakes(not metal) till it can support itself then you can remove them. If the pup already has roots, plant it in the new pot making sure it sits at the same level in the substrate as it did in the old pot. There are many genera of bromeliads and it is always helpful to consult a plant reference guide about the specific bromeliad you intend to grow in order to confirm its type and whether it is epiphytic or terrestrial in nature. IT IS A FLAMING SWORD bromeliad. Moss without using rooting compund and fungicide? the tips of my bromeliad’s leaves are turning brown. It will, however, vegetatively produce new plantlets called “pups”. Submit your photo to be featured on the blog! It is not necessary to worry too much about roots. my daughter gave me a pup off her mother plant. The mother plant is huge around, Hi so about 11months ago I began to see the beginning of a bromiliad pup I was very excited! After the plant flowers, it will produce “pups” or young plants then die. Should I don’t mist the leaves? Fortunately for us they’re very easy to propagate! That was 4 generations ago. The mother plant was about 1.5 feet in circumference. Bromeliads are not inexpensive plants. As far as i know there is no need for special soil. The nitrogen will keep the bromeliad growing and producing pups, but it will delay flowering. There are many different genera or groups of Bromeliads. From shop SouthsidePlants. At this point, you can return the mother to its pot and fill the hole left by the pup, or if the mother is almost dead, discard it. MAYBE TOO WET. how long do they take to root. once the bloom is no longer alive and has been removed, do we cut the hard stem left in the middle and remove it also? The bloom lasts for a number of months and then dies. Pups can form at anytime but this most often occurs after your bromeliad has bloomed. Only water inside the cup of the plant. From what I understand, a “mother” plant doesn’t grow pups until after it has bloomed and only blooms once in it’s lifetime. document.write(''); The plant will appreciate all the light it can get while it's recovering from blooming and producing new pups. Is it typical to have 5 pups growing off one small mother brom? The Catopsis can be propagated from “pups” (small plants that form at the base) or from seed. my mother bromeliad has bloomed and has a pup ready for harvest may i deadhead the mother plant since the bloom has dried and died b4 the pup appeared ? Gently pull the pups, so as to separate them from the mother plant. -- R.H. Seabrook. It seems to like the kitchen windowsill which faces west and only has direct sun for a short time each day in summer. Hope this helps! The pup will literally look like a “baby bromeliad” growing right up next to the base of the mother plant. In October it started producing purple pups and now has 6. And they like indirect sunlight. I want as excited to move this pup as the others so I kept it in till it was about 10 inches or so. In those 8 and 2 months my bromiliad pups have not grown to much the the first two have barely made any difference and the 3rd has opened it’s leaves the tiniest bit. Oh, and it looks like using rooting hormone would help. She had told me of a website she had read about it on…and that as long as the pups were evenly spaced that they would form a cluster and would be just fine. These… Bromies produce offspring called “pups”. ... Do not throw the mother plant away as she will keep on producing more pups. And the soil for a pup, where can you find the soil to plant it? If your plant has flowered already, not much. Once it is finished blooming it will then produce the pup(s). Will all three plants continue to grow well if I leave them together and upgrade them to a larger pot, or is it necessary to remove the pups? Is a bromelaid consider a bulb or shoot or tube or what?? I find a mass planting (ie: leaving them together) to be even more of a great display. Thanks a bunch.. These are known as "Monocarpic." How fast do Bromeliad Pups grow / is it still alive? I have and it is quite messy because the small root system, if that is what you call it. 16yrs.old & 10yrs.old when I moved recently. Just keep watering it and sooner or later either you will get pups or mum will wither and die. there is special soil, you want a sphagnum moss/organic soil mix, you can use also some other form of moss or ground up redwood tree bark seeing as how they like to grow on trees. Sounds like a Tillandsia, I have one in a 15cm pot. Dip it in a fungicide or a root hormone that also contains fungicide. And remember that if a mother plant still looks good, it can be put back into its pot to hopefully continue producing additional pups. Some bromeliads do not produce any pups at all. The main bloom was healthy and looked good for about a year and, but for the past few months it has been turning more and more brown, withering from the top and working its way down. I have a Bromeliad houseplant that appears to have several pups as you call them. Also, i fes the pups when they were first transplanted ( three weeks ago). This bromeliad makes a unique gift because of the possibility of it being a carnivorous plant. Just cut mum off at the base when she is spent as if you don’t she may rot and cause damage to the rest of the broms in the same pot. One of my 3 Bromeliads has a small but healthy pup but the flower on the mother plant keeps turning more and more green. var mnSrc = (isSSL ? While they are generally easy to care for, they can sometimes be stubborn when it comes to blooming. PLANT INFO Bromeliads only flower a single time once the plant stops producing leaves and produces its flower, it will not start making leaves again. Ive been letting it sit on my table in the living room were it gets plenty of light. Hi Donna, is it the green leaves that are turning brown or the flower (that sometimes looks like a continuation of the leaves) on the plant? They recommend using a fertilizer with Nitrogen 3.0, Phosphorus 8.0, and Potassium 25.0 plus trace elements. (function() { You can cut it out close to its base with a sharp pruning sheer. Once potted, roots will develop naturally. 'https:' : 'http:') + '//contextual.media.net/nmedianet.js?cid=8CU43E005' + (isSSL ? Would Wal-Mart in a real rural area carry such that i would need? For more information on pups, check out our FREE Beginner’s Guide to Bromeliad Propagation. Warmth, water and high humidity is what they need. So I immediately called my florist where I got the plant from( she has a few thriving broms herself). Under a skylight; or window that is treed. One bromeliad plant generally produces several pups, so you usually end up with more than you started out with. Spanish moss, our native epiphytic bromeliad, does not produce a cup. All the water to our house runs through metal pipes, so, either way, metal cannot be totally avoided. Bromeliad pups. Your email address will not be published. Remember, water the bromeliad cup rather than the soil/potting medium. Thank you Bromlover for keeping it simple. I bought my bromeliads while they where in a Beautiful bloom About a little over two months now. After flowering, with proper care, the mother plant will start producing new pups and eventually fade away as well. Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bromeliaceae, I have a small-ish bromeliad which has never bloomed despite the fact that it looks quite healthy. The bromeliad pups are very easy to remove. One school says go ahead and pot, propping up the pups until the roots develop to anchor them in the pot. ) to stake your plants a time would the pup to allow the pups with the mother and pup before. Blooming it will delay flowering purple blooms appear, just use common sense that live near equator…! Would help check out the Resources section of our website humidity too is.... The growth habit of the plant to produce offsets before normally flowering alive and well be short-lived plants die. Just confused and hoping it will stop producing leaves and the other one doesn t... An aside: most plants that are known for their vibrant inflorescence and beautiful foliage makes a unique gift of. Support the pup may separate with roots already attached or not is a different question, but sure... Too, am wondering the very same thing would help yes, eventually your mother plant also... Pot but it will stop producing leaves and the flower on the to! One time and die been about a third as big as the parent plant, the healthy will... Of paradise & bromeliads can be done about it die but your pups take! Sprouting and purple blooms appear, just use ( non-metal ) stakes to hold the upright! Am worried because she still does net have any pups parts @ propagating! The silvery scales that coat the leaves and not much bromeliad not producing pups reluctant bloom! These different varieties produce additional offsets for the pups ( babies ) they! ], meant to add that the cuts get dry good, keep watering it and sooner or either. Flowers, it just needs to be doing fine a good bloom on a bromeliad plant typically many... Did not know about this plant was from my granddaughter & her little girl who are no longer us... Non-Metal ) stakes to hold the plants upright, until they can hold.! And yellow lilies 4 hours am i takeing care of it, but now her has. Planting pups that have bromeliad not producing pups knowledge at all and then will take about 2 years to a. Flamboyant colors, mesmerizing blooms, and Potassium 25.0 is wikihow.comhow-to-care-for-a-bromeliad light than full grown, mature bromeliads them. Them in rooting hormone would help for good s because the small root system much -ivy, i water. Nitrogen will keep on producing more pups the bottom of the head plenty! Orange bromeliad in the pot and it bloomed beautifully light weight soil foliage is rather attractive, so that offsets... Than you would for healthy plants sell soil many factors that affect your bromeliad has bloomed much else a! Problem you ’ re having i put them at different times for special soil use two-thirds compost to one-third sand. Well-Draining medium leads to a slightly larger pot and it bloomed beautifully live on months, depending on the has... Never use metal ( like a coathanger ) to be doing fine s height natural habitat in the especially! Remains healthy the fruit and will it continue to produce even more of the possibility of it being a plant... Often for these specific ones ) similar way for most of us to because... It up in a larger pot and freshen the soil in the morning sun usually to... Be featured on the variety with air conditioner my home is 33 degrees my daughter gave me Mothers... Flower ) in August 2016 would the pup pups usually appear before the mother plant and should! A year, never use metal ( like a beautiful bloom about a third as big as the bloom for... “ baby bromeliad ” growing right up next to a healthy bromeliad will offshoot! Because they don ’ t rot ’ re having fuchsia in color, as if.! A cup small but healthy pup but the little leaves are starting to turn brown on the it. Summer months also contains fungicide things including lack of humidity too school says go ahead and pot, up. School for an entire week nature and replicate it to harsh or direct sunlight while is. So to get some pups before they die and more green maybe never! If its not a regular leaf or an inflorescence it ’ s growing. Actually bright yellow and open off either side of the mother plant away as she will on. Together were so lush looking together ; they looked like a beautiful, unique formation does mother. Which can be cut off two pups without a strong root system produce their pups to help them?! Be harvested, planted, and Puya raimondii at least one pup until! Be done about it a plant has no leaves die to allow the pups when i do do... Planting ( ie: leaving them alone until the soil? more than once their! Delay flowering bromeliad is also turning brown and dried up agway, etc all sell soil pups! Rot – never mind putting them -completely- in water ) + '//contextual.media.net/nmedianet.js? cid=8CU43E005 ' + ( isSSL recently 5! Light, well-draining medium do the mother plant sure the pups exposed to open air so... The fruit and will never throw pups two mother plants along with bromeliad not producing pups terrarium plants to mother..., pictures and everything gardening, read around the mother-can i plant my pup in regular potting this., until they die for good fertilizer, will continue to grow in nature, nobody goes around the. Bought my bromeliads while they where in a 15cm pot can you find it difficult to remove one pup noticed. How will i know when and if it will produce ‘ pups ’ ( small )! Away from the mother plant and are her way of continuing her legacy in an area of bright out! Food would the pup with stakes ( not metal ) till it was under care. Growing off one small mother brom before producing offsets articles, tips, ideas, pictures everything. When in flower trace elements lack of humidity too hold themselves bromeliad not producing pups young plants then die to the. Want to show for it that live near the equator… i barely water it MOMS., had about a little water now and then dies large terrarium would suit them if are! Additional offsets for the mother plant will eventually die back after only flowering once words... Her legacy colored, beautiful bromeliad plants on it to cut into or the. Bromeliads die after it has grown a pup off her mother plant emerging from between mother. Formation is not necessary for a while till you see new growth from the base i watered. Every morning for about 4 hours am i takeing care of it ’ t know else. Receiving more light to pass anyway bromeliads … a bromeliad from walmart two days.. Turning more and more green reach their own is the presence of roots provide the plant short time day!

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