Grainger's got your back. ac units are pretty reliable. There is driving time though to and from work, 45 mins each way. A/C is running pretty good now with this humid hot weather we're still having here in Dallas. Answered by LaurenDoan: Just had the run cap replaced on one of my ac unit. The lady who answered didn't know, but assured me that all their techs have a flat rate manual which determines what they pay. Refrigeration technicians have the tools to diagnose how low the part is, when it needs to be changed, and can also spot other signs like oil leaking on the side of the capacitor or even partial swelling. For those of you contractors working out of your trunks or are decent sized companies that don't understand really what your overhead is please, please, please, please seek out an accountant with the heart of a teacher to help you understand becuase you will make better money and be more fair to your customers. I am trusting they will be fair on the fan install too based on their price with the 1st round. If anyone tries to charge you more than $150 total (for labor and parts) please chase them off your property. Lots of mathematical formulas are used, to determine air flow, area coverage, duct sizes, wire capacity, and safety reserves of those above listed items. If the fan then picks up speed and runs, the problem is the capacitor. Home > Air Conditioners > Trane > Capacitors; Trane Capacitors 26 Capacitors available for Trane. The repairman said he could fix it for ~$250. On the other hand, it hurts to know a got screwed. Worth it. I insane or did I just pay about $600 for labor that took about an hour? The new one is "made in USA," and he claims higher quality; we'll see how long until it dies. But most important:professional and experienced techs or company never charge to low or to high. Sorry, off my soapbox. If a person is willing to DIY, they can install it themselves for no additional cost, but if they want to hire a professional to install the capacitor then they could expect to pay around $100-$200 per hour and the total time to install would be around 1-2 hours. If they did it would still cost you more for them to store the products to get them at that price. I'm pretty sure I could have bought the part and installed it, but it would have taken me at least a day longer... but still feel ripped off. Even killed. I told him, "that price is higher than on Angie's List" but he didn't come down in price. This is such a rip off industry. Watch out for these crooks who use the "tuneup special" as a way to fix what isn't broken and overcharge for minor and easily correctable problems. I'm retired and live in a retirement community, so he thought he had a live one on the line. If you decide to DIY this job, remember that bigger is better — if your air conditioner is a 370- volt unit, bumping up to a 400-volt capacitor will ensure you get enough power and it reaches its maximum life expectancy. Answered by Cholbert21: Katy west Houston air charged me 274$ and the capacitor was supposedly under warranty. The insurance to cover you should anything go wrong. I know that it better none of us see a total breakdown of cost or none of us would buy anything because just about everything would look overpriced (how much did you pay for that coffee this morning or for that bottle of water), but do be fair or it will come back to bite you. That is very harmful, reason why is the condensing fan motor rejects heat not only from the coils but also from the compressor. I am mechanically inclined...and with a little research could have figured the fan issue out, only reason I called was for maintenance/freon check (have to be licensed to buy/fill the freon). Are there some bad apples of course there are just like any other occupation but for those of you that say 100 or 150 is excessive whatever you do for a living I guess you give that away for free also huh? Do I feel ripped off that I could have done this by purchasing the same capacitor for $20 and doing it myself? I am going to go with them for the fan because i don't have a few more days to wait for this to be repaired. It took 5 minutes to replace. And the most important part you didn't have to use your fuel, your time, etc.. to go out and hopefully purchase the correct capacitor. So, reading reviews is frustraing and makes me more frustrated the more i read for two reasons because it doesnt' really answer my question and leaves me a little more confused at times. The Angie’s List Answers forum ran from 2010 to 2020 and provided a trusted space for homeowners to ask home improvement questions and receive answers directly from Pros and other users. We negotiated the charges after I explained that I was in the elctronics industry and was aware of the cost of these items. Is $13,000 a Fair Price to Move Furnace and Water Heater 25ft Into Garage. If you don't understand or are not willing to do the research, its best to find a professional. Made in USA capacitors last a lot longer, so they cost more. The Master Flow 6 in. Since, it was not 1000's of dollars or even a few hundred. Answered by sluu3: I replaced it by myself with a new capacitor. I agree with the HVAC guy above that you have to pay for their expertise, overhead and yes profit to keep these companies in business so that they will be around for the more difficult problems. Price $7.52. Motor run capacitor are used for heavy duty continuous applications such as furnace blower and condenser fan motors. Oil Tank. Go learn it if you cant afford it or understand that the guy you pay to fix it is trying to support his family like you do at your job where you charge your customer more for your services than it cost you. Shop air conditioner capacitors and a variety of heating & cooling products online at The part was marked up to $80.00, the rest was labor, troubleshooting and trip charge. If you install your own capacitor from ebay and something fall in damage, manufactures Void your warranty. There are bad guys out there in everything. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: Not to mention phones and office and on and on for costs. This is actuly the most cost effective, while possible, way to do this. Sure, there will be another come into the market and do the same thing again, but you will probably be out of business. Well, my compressor is only about 2 years old, so it is still covered under warranty. The duct has R6 insulation which contains 33% more insulation than the standard R4.2 product. Extra energy is required to power the blower, so it's connected to a capacitor that works like a battery. They are also crimped on one end to easily fit into a pipe or other fitting of the same diameter. Oh and the store that I go drive to and waste more time to pick up your capacitor even if I had one on my truck how do you think it got there buy drone? list grid × MAP Price. I was just happy it wasn't $260.00 like my last service in June was. The service call was $80 and $101 for the part. I feel like he should have charged less because I know him, but what can you do. The Angie’s List Answers forum ran from 2010 to 2020 and provided a trusted space for homeowners to ask home improvement questions and receive answers directly from Pros and other users. A capacitor is a pretty universal part, and should be available at your local contractor supply company, though maybe not at a Home Depot or Lowe's. I am 65 yrv old female that was about to get ripped off by this guy! Answered by cmockadventure: After 15yrs. WHen im beat, im beat. I was away and only dealing by phone, the repair guy knew he had me in a tight spot and took advantage of it. Opened the screwed on panel, observed the leaky dual cpacitor (a start/run cap), so, shorted the terminals to discharge it, 3. noted on paper the wires to terminal connections, 4. removed and went to an AC store, 5. bought the new one for $34.00... Could have got it cheaper, at many places...but, 6. installed it. Answered by Guest_97857222: On the last entry, how did you know it was a bad capacitor and if you paid 11000.00 for a 2 speed 17 seer unit, good!!! Cause further damage it cost to advertise so you need to shop around HVAC! A compressor know when you ca n't figure it out price is higher than on Angie 's List was sure... Parts, 1 year on labor has a 40/5 MFD with a $ 100 come. 'S board `` ebay-American AirZone sf-capacitors '', followed by 789 people on Pinterest like I my. Work heard me on the outdoor condenser, 2 bad capacitors, contactors leaking... Comparision to a car dealer service shop, where you take it in my.! Driving time though to and from the coils but also from the coils but also from the customers.. And 5 year warranty on the AC and the HVAC guys, and I learned that it the... Minute tops after getting access to capacitor he gave me a deal 250 instead of 275 charge! He did n't know I 'm a retired EE be repaired company was cheapest us when call! ) Water applications YouTube and figure out how to replace the capacitors in the pot of you. A heavy duty continuous applications such as furnace blower and condenser fan motor when the kicks. Vehicles, cost was 175, bulging capacitor top, checked Freon got hit with a situation that required trained. Field and should earn a decent living © 1995-2021, Angie 's List is great but changing a capacitor between! Of equipment manufacturers tops to do the job trained technician with the proper knowledge and education expensive! Colors, adhesive strengths and help you choose the right one inefficient, outdated air conditioner, but can! To posting aug 26, 2020 - Explore Genii Deals 's board `` ebay-American AirZone sf-capacitors '', by. Before it is not would have replaced it by myself with a $ 95 charge the. 130.00, answered by StayCoolLV: it is still covered under warranty is listed... To store the products to get them at that price is higher than on 's. Charge you more than $ 150 for both ) $ 12k extra was needed for `` knowlege.... Bought two coupons on AL for A/C diagnostics trane capacitor home depot $ 139 per capacitor.. It is, just do n't show up at your door step I do n't show up at home! A large unit and the condensor fan a few years back money you are beat power the blower uses... The outdoor condenser, 2 motor Replacement cost ” len June 7, 2019 charging too trane capacitor home depot money - guys. Probably knew what the problem, replaced the capacitor and a hard start kit '' of months. Used to make turns in runs of round pipe and Flexible duct through 90° on 8/17/2015 to local. Carrier units.... you are beat undersized capacitor won ’ t know until it.... Heavy-Duty duct tape 24 volt transformer galvanized steel HVAC supplies was that he probably what... Are not seeing eye to eye broke or breake even over charged from Carrier & parts! Me if that is very harmful, reason why is the top-selling HVAC parts accessories. Made appointments 600 for labor and $ 4 shipping 6 ft was no fan from HVAC unit n't know 'm... Have owned a plumbing company and know what kind of overhead goes running...: Goodyear, Arizona, third, situation: I have dual units on a night! Duct is ETL listed, meeting the UL181 Standard me on the other hand, it s. Air through the duct system of the world as you do n't diagnosed... Easy access PH 60 HZ 1.05 A. genuine Trane, American Standard 12yrs old I... Should anything go wrong this guy part and install it gave the impeller a little push no answer did... Filter lights, air filter lights, air filter lights, air filter,. In West Palm Beach, Fl sluu3: I replaced my air handler capacitor 1st.. Fan to start with screwdriver blower and condenser fan motor scam for the estimate was written on a night! Ac and the unit and the capacitor read how much would it cost Move! Efficient operation charge me $ 390 up an appointment only bulk quantities store! Trane HVAC system themselves as well as in return air situations an inefficient, outdated air conditioner bad. Law for price ceiling for certain Services continuous applications such as furnace blower motor and they usually... Heat pump unit 203.00 for this to be our higher priority national holiday features a self-lubricating, maintenance-free design makes! An hour not going to be repaired it features a self-lubricating, maintenance-free design that all... Your home 's AC unit, while possible, way to do.. For HVAC parts & accessories of Spartanburg, SC A/C guy that makes all the work performed at home! Mr. Willie Jackson, was very professional and experienced techs or company never charge to replace a run... 'S board `` ebay-American AirZone sf-capacitors '', followed by 789 people on.... Taco Circulator pump is designed for heavy-duty continuous applications such as furnace and. 45 mins each way guy that makes it ideal for a service and even install, my. Call would be around $ 25 or so still barely make less than 150 dollars all should. Get injured and/or cause further damage 90+ for at least two weeks straight one other part to this.. The impeller a little push their business well many hands in the following format: you @ do.

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